Supplements, Herbs and Vitamins For Adrenal Fatigue

Supplements, Herbs & Vitamins For Adrenal Fatigue

adrenal glandsThe adrenal glands and how their related to adrenal health

When we were at school I bet most of us covered the heart, kidneys, lungs, etc; but not many biology lessons focused on the adrenal glands.  At the best you know where they are in the human body, but probably don’t think they need any special attention.

However your life choices either support your adrenal health or can cause chronic adrenal fatigue.  If you’re under constant stress you are not doing yourself any favours.

You probably won’t hear your doctor talking about adrenal fatigue but it’s a big name in the world of alternative medicine.   After suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for over 10 years I feel this condition is very real and my treatment program aims to help and ultimately cure this.  As I discovered after many years of suffering anxiety, some basic dietary commitments, supplements and lifestyles changes can help cure adrenal fatigue.

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue

There are many symptoms of adrenal fatigue but the more common ones are listed below-

 arrowblue Anxiety, depression and mental exhaustion
 arrowblue You seem to get colds easily as your immune system is low
 arrowblue Lack on energy
 arrowblue Cravings for sugary things
 arrowblue Have episodes of feeling dizzy when you get up
 arrowblue You feel you have not had enough sleep and want to stay in bed in the mornings
 arrowblue Low thyroid function

The aim of this article is for you to understand if you are suffering adrenal fatigue and how you can improve and fix you’re adrenal health

Please also note that repairing your adrenal glands is going to take time.  You are going to have to learn how to balance them.  Most people fight against stress and fatigue the wrong way.  Positive Panic Attacks is here to make you learn how fix, help and heal adrenal fatigue.

There are lots of adrenal supplements on the market.  It can be quite overwhelming to see the number of adrenal supplements and herbs you can buy.  Within this article I will focus on what I consider is the best natural medicine on the market that can help you heal and maintain adrenal health.

Homeopathic Adrenal Support Supplements


There are certain herbal supplements on the market that can help your adrenal glands recover.  These can help you protect yourself against exhaustion, stress and burnout. 

You will need to restore your adrenal function back to a balanced state.  How to treat adrenal insufficiency has never been easier with modern herbal remedies

Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health

gaia adrenal health suportBefore I go into more specific detail about adrenal fatigue I wanted to briefly discuss probably the most popular product on the market for adrenal fatigue – Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health.

The product is manufactured by Gaia herbs.  Gaia Herbs is a manufacturer and grower of first class botanical supplements.   The company are certified organic.   They were set up in 1987 and have over 300 hundred products offering the best potency and purity. They literally grow their products from seed to finished plant. 

Gaia herbs focuses on selling high quality herbal medicine.  Their website gives lots of information on how the herbs were grown, how the herbs were extracted and what ingredients is in their health products.  Gaia herbs mission is to provide herbal medicine that can provide optimal vitality as each herb is cultivated on their farms and this is sourced locally. 

Although you can find hundreds of positive reviews from people who use Gaia Herbs, the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Any herb should only one used after discussion with your doctor.

The advantage of using a product like this is because its

  • Free from any heavy metal toxicity or pesticides
  • 100% vegan - it contains no animal products, no dairy products, no gluten containing ingredients. 
  • Potency is very good because its content has not been diluted
  • Liquid phyto-caps, meaning better bio-availability
  • Easily digestible - plant derived capsule
  • Alcohol-free Liquid capsules

Gaia Herbs Adrenal Fatigue

Gaia herbs Adrenal Health has been formulated to encourage a positive response to stress and to maintain adrenal gland activity.  The formula of the capsules will promote an adatogenic reaction.

Adaptogens are remedies "that increase resistance to a broad spectrum of harmful factors (stressors) of different physical, chemical and biological natures".

Where to buy Gaia herbs

They can be purchased here at a great price.

Gaia herbs adrenal support

Stress is the root cause of many illnesses.  When were under stress it can weaken are immune system and make us more susceptible to health problems.  Making sure your adrenal glands are functionally normally is essential to living a care free life.

Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health is one of Gaia most successful products. 

Gaia herbs support system can help to naturally maintain health and well-being. 

The product

  • Helps calmness and serenity and stops over excitability
  • It can help combat stress
  • It supports and maintains adrenal function
  • Can give your anxiety nervous system a boost
  • Overcomes adrenal fatigue & adrenal insufficiency

What are the adrenal glands and where in the body is the adrenal gland?

Above the kidneys you will find the adrenal glands which are triangular in shape and are about the size of a pea.  The main function of these glands are too produce hormones.  Without this we would not be able to function.  The adrenal glands have two structures –

arrow right The outer area is called the adrenal cortex – this secretes the corticosteroid hormones including the stress chemical cortisol that influence blood pressure, inflammation and the body’s metabolism. 

arrow right The inner area is named the medulla.  This secretes noradrenaline and adrenaline, hormones that react to stress.  If the adrenal medulla activates blood flow increases to muscles, glucose is released into the bloodstream and heart rate increases.  The mechanism is often referred to as the fight or flight response so we can either run of fight from danger.


What is adrenal fatigue and how is it caused?

In short the choices we make concerning our lifestyle and diet can cause our adrenal glands to keep firing off again and again.

Millions years of evolution have designed our bodies to have this fight or flight response if we came across a dangerous animal or another tribe that wanted to hurt us.  If danger was sensed we only needed a short bust of adrenaline to help us escape. 

What are adrenal glands for?

However today we generally don’t need this fight or flight response because we rarely face any danger.  Today our threats are more psychological.  When we are under constant stress at work or because we have financial troubles our adrenal glands constantly fire –off.  Overtime our adrenal glands struggle to cope with this constant stress.  This will leave our bodies out of balance and fatigued.  Have you experienced the symptoms as described above?

How is adrenal fatigue caused?

There are hundreds of ways that adrenal fatigue can be caused but the main thread running through all of them is either some prolonged stress or poor diet.

Dr James Wilson the author of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Syndrome states certain events are linked too adrenal fatigue

-      Stressful exams

-      Being a single parent

-      Severe emotional stress

-      Loss of job or sudden life change

-      Drug abuse

-      Long work hours and night shifts

-      Being a perfectionist

How blood sugar levels contribute to adrenal stress and fatigue?

If our diets are poor and we eat a lot of rubbish such as high sugary foods and burgers it can cause hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar,) followed by the crash when your adrenal glands trigger insulin release which causes hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar).  This high blood sugar level followed by the crash when insulin is released, is one of them main causes of feeling spacey, unwell and tired.

This rollercoaster effect causes suffering to the adrenal glands as they are not meant to be used on a daily basis for blood sugar regulation.  They are only supposed to be used occasionally.  Constantly trying to support the body to get it out of trouble drains the glands.

How do I know if I have adrenal fatigue?

cortisol siliva testIf you want to take tests for adrenal fatigue it’s going to be difficult.  The symptoms of fatigue relate to other health issues as well, so what you really need is a holistic approach.

Adrenal fatigue in short can be attributed to diet, your predisposition to it and what life stresses you have encountered.  Are you the sort of person who likes to carry the world on their shoulders?  Do you currently feel exhausted?  Are you relying on stimulants like coffee and sugary snacks to get you through the day? 

As stated above whether you can confirm you have adrenal fatigue is not that important as everyone should be watching and reducing their stress.  However you can buy Cortisol Saliva tests which will indicate if you’re suffering adrenal fatigue.  The test involves spitting into a tube and sending the sample to the lab in a prepaid container. Results can be sent to you or your doctor. Saliva testing provides results on a par with those from blood spot tests and serum tests.

Why you should try to cure adrenal fatigue?

  • It can help the symptoms associated with the menopause
  • Unless you control adrenal dysfunction your thyroid gland is going to be overworked and stressed. 
  • Your blood sugar is going to be like a rollercoaster unless you have healthy adrenal glands
  • Having healthy adrenal glands will give you more energy and you will feel revitalized and more relaxed.


Natural supplements, herbs and vitamins for adrenal fatigue

Natural herbs and vitamins are a great way to help cure adrenal fatigue without the side effects of normal medication.  But remember these should be combined with lifestyle changes as well and consultation with your doctor.

Anxiety and the adrenal glands

Both of these elements emit various neurotransmitters and hormones.

Anxiety, panic attacks and stress all cause hormones to be released as part of classic fight or flight response.   This causes physical and mental changes with our bodies such as sweating, increased heart rate, heightened mental focus, inability to concentrate, shutting down of the digestive system, etc.

You can find more about this this here.

What happens when you’re under constant stress? 

About Adrenal Glands

If you’re under constant stress then your adrenal glands are going to be under constant stress to secrete hormones.   It’s these hormones that we do not want floating around our bodies.  This can cause all sorts of nasty feelings such as feeling tired, not being able to focus on things, lower resistance to germs, weight gain, poor indigestion, sensitivity to light, etc.

The Adrenal Fatigue diet

A lot of people seem to recommend the Paleo diet.  If you don’t know what the paleo diet is, it’s often referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet.  The Paleo diet is a modern nutritional diet designed to emulate, insofar as possible using modern foods, the diet of wild plants and animals eaten by humans during the Paleolithic era.  Proponents of the diet therefore recommend avoiding any foods that they claim were not available to humans at that time, including dairy products, grains, legumes, processed oils, and refined sugar. The Paleolithic diet is a fad diet that has gained popularity in the 21st century.

You can find more information here on Paleo diets.

I agree with the principle of the diet but there is some controversy as to whether dairy products, grains, legumes were available in the Paleolithic era.  Personally I think nutrients can be obtained from grains, legumes and dairy products which your body will require if it’s under great stress.  These foods also do not affect your blood sugar too much.

I would certainly recommend you follow my diet that I advocate.  This is based on a hypoglycemic diet which will keep your blood sugar steady which will cut out the high and low feelings you get with fluctuating blood sugars.

You can read more about it here.

How to overcome Adrenal Fatigue with Supplements and Diet


saltAdrenal Fatigue can deplete salt levels in the body because the hormone aldosterone can be suppressed.  Having the correct amount of sodium in the blood is vital for good blood pressure.  Its possible dizziness symptoms could happen if aldosterone levels diminish.  However too much salt in our diets is not good for us, so stay away from processed table salts.  Try unrefined salts such as sea salts, Celtic salts or Himalayan salts.


Eat regular meals

This forms part of my diet program that I advocate.  Eating big meals followed by hours of not eating anything is not going to help adrenal fatigue.  This will cause havoc with your blood sugar levels.  The glucose levels are not being managed properly by your unbalanced nervous system. 

Ideally you should be eating something every 2 to 3 hours to maintain your blood sugar levels.  You should have around 5 to 6 mini meals per day which should include a carbohydrate, protein and some fruit.

Sugary foods and junk food should be avoided at all coats.


Stay hydrated

waterIt goes without saying you should be drinking plenty of water.  The body is about 60% water.

Human beings are constantly losing water from their bodies, primarily via urine and sweat.

There are many different thoughts and ideas on how much water we should drink.

The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon.

This is called the 8×8 rule and is very easy to remember.

However, there are other health gurus who think we’re always on the brink of dehydration and that we need to sip on water constantly throughout the day… even when we’re not thirsty.

As with most things, this depends on the individual and there are many factors (both internal and external) that ultimately affect our need for water.

It goes without saying alcohol and caffeine should be struck off your list of foods you can drink.  They are stimulants and are likely to aggravate adrenal fatigue.  They will also cause a roller-coaster effect with your blood sugar.


Eat more good fats

You really need to know the difference between good and bad fats as this will help your adrenal health.

To understand what you’re eating you will need to know the four major types of fats -

  • monounsaturated fats (good fats)
  • polyunsaturated fats (good fats)
  • trans fats (bad fats)
  • saturated fats (bad fats)

Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are known as the “good fats” because they are good for your heart, your cholesterol, and your overall health.

Saturated fats and trans fats are known as the “bad fats” because they increase your risk of disease and elevate cholesterol.

Appearance-wise, saturated fats and trans fats tend to be solid at room temperature (think of butter or traditional margarine), while monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats tend to be liquid (think of olive or corn oil).


Saturated fat

Trans fat

  •   High-fat   cuts of meat (beef, lamb, pork)
  •   Chicken   with the skin
  •   Whole-fat   dairy products (milk and cream)
  •   Butter
  •   Cheese
  •   Ice   cream
  •   Palm   and coconut oil
  •   Lard


  •  Commercially-baked   pastries, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, cakes, pizza dough
  •   Packaged   snack foods (crackers, microwave popcorn, chips)
  •   Stick   margarine
  •   Vegetable   shortening
  •   Fried   foods (French fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, breaded fish)
  •   Candy   bars


Omega-3 fatty acids: The superfats your body needs

Omega 3 fatty acids are especially good for you.  They are a type of polyunsaturated fat.  Whilst all types of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are gooomega 3d these are especially good for your heart and nervous system.

Although research is still being undertaken on omega fatty acids the benefits known are

  • Help reduce the risk of cancer, strokes and heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of dementia and memory loss
  • Helps alleviate the symptoms of depression
  • Good for a health pregnancy
  • Protect against joint pain and arthritis
  • Fish is the best source of omega 3 fatty acids salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, or sardines,
  • Omega – 3 fats are called essential fatty acids, because they are essential to our health.  Our bodies cannot make them. You can only require them from foods or supplements
  • If you don’t like fish or are a vegetarian you can get omega 3 from fish oil or algae supplements.

It can be purchased here in supplement form

Adrenal Fatigue recovery herbs, supplements and vitamins

Adrenal glandular

glandular supplementGlandular treatments have been a tried and tested treatment for ancient healers all over the world.  It involves swallowing usually in a pill a small amount of animal glands with other supplements and vitamins.  Biotic Cytozyme is one product that’s commonly recommended.

You can find more information here.

Vitamin C for Adrenal Fatigue

Vitamin C is also widely recommended by experts to help fight against adrenal fatigue.  While the adrenal glands require numerous nutrients to function normally, perhaps the most important of them is vitamin C. The highest concentrations of vitamin C are stored in the eyes, brain and adrenal glands. 

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient which provides

  • A healthy steroid hormone production for the adrenal glands
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases the strength of the artery walls

vitamin c tabletsAlthough it may seem an unimportant vitamin it’s good in combating the common cold and can help your adrenal gland function properly.  It’s one of the main vitamins that can directly help your overcome any adrenal disorder or fatigue. 

Vitamin C is needed to create the feel good chemicals norepinephrine, dopamine and epinephrine.  It also helps to remove the nasty chemical which make us feel awful cortisol, aldosterone and testosterone.

Taking Vitamin C tablets can help regulate the stress chemicals in your body if you’re not getting it through your natural diet. 

Most Animals have the ability to produce their own vitamin C but human beings at some point during their evolution have lost this ability.  This means humans must obtain their vitamin C from what they eat or supplements.  The recommended daily does is around 500-1,0000mg per day.  Foods rich in vitamin C include, peppers, oranges, sprouts, kale, broccoli, cauliflower.

Vitamin C has great antioxidant qualities as well. 

If you’re going to buy Vitamin C supplements it may be worth going for a buffered product.  What is buffered vitamin tablets?  Some Vitamin C supplements has been prepared with natural alkaline Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide which buffer and neutralize the excess acidity of Vitamin C. Buffered products have been formulated in a special base to release its nutrients over a prolonged period of time.

Adrenal oils

adrenal oilsWhy not try essential oil for your reducing stress and fatigue.  You apply them by rolling the oil to your pulse-points - temples, under the nose or to fingertips and inhale deeply.  They are 100% Pure Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and contain Lemon, Basil and Rosemary in Fractionated Coconut Oil.  They contain no chemicals that can harm your body.

You can purchase them here


Cortisol support

cortisol supplementsCortisol Support supplements is a herbal and nutritional formula designed to support healthy adrenal function and maintain healthy cortisol levels already within the normal range.  The adrenal glands as discussed above, help the body respond and adjust to stress generated from both internal and external forces. Under chronic stress, cortisol can be overproduced, resulting in weight gain and difficulty in managing healthy blood sugar levels.  Cortisol is often referred to as the stress chemical or hormone.  Super Cortisol Support combines adaptogenic herbs with Chromium, Corosolic Acid and Relora to help the body manage the negative effects of stress such as excess abdominal fat deposition, overeating, and low energy levels.


Emerald Laboratories Adrenal Health Veg-Capsules

adrenal vegatable capsuleAdrenal health vegetable capsules helps to alleviate fatigue and tension.  They also bolster your energy levels and help to remove brain fog to stimulate mental; clarity.  The capsules contain raw whole food based formula with probiotics, enzymes and prebiotics.

Emerald Laboratories Adrenal Health Veg-Capsules has loads of positive reviews on amazon and they contain only herbal and vitamin type ingredients.


Adrenal Edge - Fatigue Support Supplement - Formula for Stress and Exhaustion - In Liquid Drops for Easy Absorption

adrenal edgeThis herbal remedy is non-addictive and has a special combination of adaptogenic herbs (herbs that will help the body adapt to stress,) and nervine herbs (herbs proven to relax the nerves) that will help to bring a balance to your nervous system in todays stress filled world. 

If you’re after a supplement with herbs and vitamins to help support and balance the adrenal function then Adrenal Edge can help.  It tries to balance the adrenal glands, pituitary and hypothalamus all of which trigger stress responses.

Adrenal edge tastes good, it’s effective and non-toxic.  The product is free of alcohol, nuts, sugar, lactose, diary and gluten.

Some people prefer liquid drops because they don’t have to swallow tablets which take longer for the body to digest and can contain other products.

Nutramedix adrenal support is also a popular adrenal liquid drop.

Supplements for stress adrenals and fatigue


magnesiumMagnesium might not be high on your list to help adrenal deficiency but research shows it can help anxiety and depression.  If your magnesium deficient it can kick you’re adrenals into action and starting producing the fight or flight response which can produce lots of nasty symptoms.  The stress hormones include epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol.

It’s also thought if you are under stress you can release magnesium more freely through urinating.  This can make the problem worse.  It’s kind of a never ending circle that causes more stress, more symptoms and less magnesium in the body.

Magnesium is surprisingly missing from many peoples diet.  If your low in magnesium your cells become stimulated and over excitable.  Calcium and magnesium combine and can regulate the electrical impulses inside the cells.  It does this by calcium entering the cell and stimulating an electrical pulse.  The magnesium then removes these pulses from the cell. 

However if your suffering from low magnesium the calcium can stay in the cell causing tension in the muscles, over-excitability and cellular dysfunction.

Sometimes muscle twitches are associated with lack of magnesium in your diet.  If you feel your heart pounding quite a lot and you’re noticing how stressed and irritable you are, taking magnesium supplements may be the answer.  By doing this it can help you sleep by relaxing your muscles. 

The recommended daily intake of magnesium ranges from 320 milligrams to 420 milligrams, depending on age or gender.  However this is only a general guideline.  If you’re taking magnesium you should increase your dosage slowly and decrease if you’re experiencing irregular bowel movements.    It can be purcased here.



ashwagandhaI will discuss this in a bit more detail below as it forms part of the Gaia Adrenal Health product, however it can be bought on its own.  This herb is known as an adaptogen.  As the name suggests it can help your body adapt. 

Ashwanghanda is great at protecting your adrenal glands when stress calls.  Ashwaghanda has the ability to help your body stop producing stress hormones when you don’t need them. 

Research indicates taking Ashwaghanda as a supplement can improve sleep, decrease anxiety and help immune function.  Reviews of people who have taken this say that it has a relaxing effect on their body.  If you feel tired most of the time and you think your suffering from adrenal fatigue Ashwaghanda adoptogenic properties will help you.  This herb can also help you produce Dopamine & norepinephrine which are two critical neurotransmitters that help regulate and improve your mood and behaviour.

If you don’t want to jump onto the medication wagon this could be for you as it has the most research behind it and very little known side effects.  The recommended dose is around 500mg per day.  You can purchase it here.


Premium Adrenal Support Supplements

premium adrenal supportPremium Adrenal Support Supplements combines a number of supplements known to help adrenal fatigue.  These include –

-      Vitamin B6 – protects the adrenal glands from the negative effects of the bad chemical cortisol.

-      Rhodiola Rosea – helps to alleviate stress and can make you feel better.  Rhodiola Rosea is an adatogenic herb which can adapt to help energy levels.

-      L-tyrosine – An amino acid known to help produce adrenal hormones

-      Ashwaganda root attract.  This can help support your immune system and rejuvenate the body.

-      Contains Schizandra, Gotu, Astragalus and Liquorice root known to maintain and keep a health adrenal function. 

-      Vitamins and Pantothenic Acid will keep your stress response where it should be.

-      Siberian Eleuthero Root Extract helps fatigue and supports healthy corticosteroid levels

In all there is 13 nutrients to restore and support healthy adrenal function and against fight adrenal fatigue.

It can be purchased here.

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

adrenal fatigue the 21st centuryThere are several really great, popular books on adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome is probably the most well-known book on the subject.  It’s a very empowering book cram-packed with vital information about adrenal health and adrenal fatigue.

You can read more about it here.



Ridgecrest Herbals Adrenal Fatigue Fighter

ridgecrest adrenalsFinally Ridgecrest Herbals leads the world in creating safe and effective natural remedies for a variety of specific health needs.

RidgeCrest Herbals Adrenal Fatigue Fighter is a complex formula that strengthens and supports adrenal function and energy. A blend of B vitamins and herbs, Adrenal Fatigue Fighter enhances, restores and sustains energy levels. It also alleviates fatigue while promoting mental clarity and concentration. It contains no corn, dairy, soy, wheat, yeast or animal products.

It contains a lot of natural herbs, vitamins and supplements known to help anxiety.  I discussed some of the supplements in this article

The complete list is here - B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B12, Biotin, Folic Acid, Eleuthero root, Asian Ginseng root, Schizandra root, Suma root, Astrangalus root, Asian Ginseng fried root, American Ginseng root, GABA, Taurine, Sensoril Aswagandha extract, and Holy Basil extract.


Herbal Adrenal Support - Gaia Herbs

As discussed at the start of this article I wanted to go into a bit more detail on Gaia adrenal health as it probably is the No1 natural remedy for adrenal fatigue/health.

gaia adrenal health suportWhy Gaia Herbs Adrenal works

As you can see the adrenal glands play a major role in how we feel and the health of our nervous system.  It’s really important to have correctly functioning glands.  The Gaia herbs adrenal health liquid Phyto-caps have been designed to restore order to the adrenal glands and provide a health response to a stressful situation.   The herbs help to nourish the nervous system and keep stress hormones to a healthy level.

What herbs are in Gaia herbs adrenal health capsules?

Some of the herbs in the capsules are adaptogens which can help the body to cope with environmental, emotional and physical stresses within a person’s life. These herbs include Holy Basil, Schisandra, Rhodiola & Ashwagandha.  There designed for adrenal imbalance treatment.

What is in Gaia herbs?


Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health has the following ingredients:

Rhodiola root (Gaia herbs Rhodiola Rosea) standardized to 6mg Rosavins,

Proprietary Synergistic Blend: Ashwagandha root (Withania Somnifera),

Wild Oats Milky Seed (Avena sativa),

Vegetable glycerin,

Vegetable cellulose (capsule).

Holy Basil leaf (Ocimum sanctum),

Schisandra berry (Schisandra chinensis),

Holy Basil Supercritical Extract (Ocimum sanctum) standardized to 3.86 mg total Eugenols

It’s also worth mentioning that you can find a diet designed for adrenal fatigue, anxiety and stress on my online course called The Anxiety diet.

A cure for adrenal fatigue in men and women

The Gaia formula is designed for adult men and women and should not be used by people already on medication unless they have consulted with their doctor or a medical practitioner.  It’s also not recommended for pregnant women. Its only recommended for adrenal deficiency and the symptoms it causes.

The recommended daily dose is twice a day taking 2 capsules.  There are no known side effects for taking this herbal remedy.  Customer reviews on the whole are really positive.  There are over a hundred reviews on amazon indicating how popular this medication is.

Gaia herbs stress response

The combination of natural herbs can help optimize your adrenal glands which influence the nervous system, inflammatory pathways and immune system.  The Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health formed part of the product line called system support which focuses on helping to maintain the bodies balance and harmony in a natural way. 

Gaia herbs Ashwagandha

Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health combine herbs that in combination will help your adrenal system.  Ashwagandha (or Withania Somnifera) has its origins in India and enjoys popularity with modern day herbal medicine.   The plant is best known for its stress reliving properties.  It’s a well-researched plant and some studies have showed it has potential benefits for anxiety, panic attacks, depression and bipolar disorder. 

Ashwagandha also has fantastic ant oxidant properties.  Research indicates it can help the brain by protecting it against conditions such as memory loss, Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s disease and brain fog.  Little is known about the long term use of the plant and its effect on the human body.  Possible side effects include upset stomach and nausea.  For adrenal deficiency and exhaustion it could make all the difference.  If you’re suffering from adrenal gland disorder, Ashwagandha in combination with other herbs might ease the symptoms.

Wild Oats for Anxiety

oatsGaia Herbal remedy includes Wild Oats (Avene Sativa) is considered to have relaxing properties which can help the nervous system and the brain.  Oats are also rich in minerals and proteins and have good B complex vitamins.  (Adrenal Health foods)  Evidence is still being gained as to the benefits of eating wild oats but it can certainly help your adrenal function, help you sleep and keep you in a positive health mood.  There is certainly no health problems with eating Oats but they may cause bloating.

The Pros & Cons of using Gaia Adrenal Health Support


blue ball  The liquid-phyto capsules lead to fast absorption into the system

blue ball  It’s completely herbal with no gluten or animal products

blue ball  It’s an extremely popular product with lots of positive reviews

blue ball  It’s come from a reputable company

blue ball  The price is competitive compared to similar products

blue ball  It’s one of the best adrenal burnout supplements on the market


blue ball  May get expensive if used over a long period of time.

blue ball  Little know about the longer use of the product


Conclusion - How will Gaia herbs help the adrenal glands?

gaia herbal 2Gaia herbs adrenal health has been on the market sometime and comes from a company which is growing from strength to strength.  Adrenal gland support is becoming more of an issue for people who have busy stressful lives so any help you can get must be beneficial. 

Chronic adrenal exhaustion is no laughing matter.  Being under constant under stress can lead to burn out and make your body susceptible to diseases. 

The sheer number of positive reviews for the product means this product is helping thousands of people.    Because the product only contains natural herbs from sources Gaia health have under their control, the quality assurance can be guaranteed.   

If you’re suffering from stress and nerves and feel your heart, respiration always reacting to life’s challenges then its worth giving this product a try. 

You can find Gaia herbs adrenal health reviews here and Gaia herbs adrenal health liquid phyto-capsules can be purchased here

You can check out my adrenal health diet here.  

Its goes with saying you should avoid stimulants such coffee and alcohol which can aggravate an adrenal health disorder.

As stated before a book worth reading on the subject is Dr James Wilson adrenal fatigue.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are other ways of promoting adrenal heath and yoga is one of them.  The relaxation and breathing techniques combined with the movements can lower your stress responses and produce the feel good chemicals we need for a health nervous system.

Please check out my treatment program which shows you how to undertake breathing and relaxation techniques, and other tools to reduce stress.










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