The Fear of Dying of Anxiety or a Panic Attack


The Fear of Dying of Anxiety or a Panic Attack

fearThe fear of dying from a panic attack is extremely common.  The truth is hardly anyone is ever going to notice that you suffer from panic attacks.  You may feel like your head will explode, and your body will stiffen up and you will not be able to move with fear, but nothing will ever really happen

If you were to run out of a shop people are not going to think there goes another stupid panic attack sufferer. They will probably just assume you’re late for something or they will simply just forget it in two minutes. 

I think most people are far more understanding of anxiety issues than society gives them credit for.  Sometimes it’s a lot easier just to be open with people if you feel anxious about certain situations.  That’s not to say you should rely on other people to help you all of the time.  You should always strive to get your life back.

Constant Fear of Dying

The contant fear of dying is a normal feeling associated with anxiety.  It just your body trying to protect itself.

Nobody has ever killed anybody else whilst having a panic attack or hurt themselves or anyone else.  Perhaps in your need to escape you may have shut the door in someone’s face or cut somebody up whilst driving to escape from a busy road, but panic is not designed to make you lose control.     

Many people feel they will have some sort of fit due to panic. The worst thing that could happen is you may feel faint, dizzy or have a feeling of unreality.  Sitting down, relaxing and just affirming how healthy you are will certainly help.


I bet you if you think of all the times you have had a panic attack and especially the  worst and frightening ones, I know for a fact they have never harmed you or driven you mad.  You have always come through the other side.

Fear of Death Anxiety

The boring truth about panic attacks is no matter how ill, exhausted and terrified they make you feel, THEY DO NOT HARM YOU IN ANY PHYSICAL WAY.  THEY DO NOT DRIVE YOU MAD AND THE ACTUAL INTENSE PANIC ONLY LASTS A SHORT WHILE.  YOU WILL NOT DIE OF A PANIC ATTACK.

Fear of Having a Panic Attack

The other thing you should bear in mind is that panic attacks do not last forever.  They hit their peak after a few seconds and last a maximum of a few minutes.  People who state they have panic attacks for hours are usually exaggerating.  They either have repeated panic attacks over several hours or very high anxiety.

It helps not to make the problem worse by thinking the worse.  The fear of having  a panic attack is something I can help you with on my course.

How to Overcome the Fear of Death

Most sufferers when they start to self expose themselves to situations think they are going to have a panic attack which is perfectly normal.  However there is no need to be afraid anymore, you now know they are only feelings and they cannot harm you or anyone else.  My self-exposure program is not going to take you into your worst fears straight away.  So you can relax and just start enjoying the new belief that they really have no power over you. 

As you progress you will find yourself in more and more difficult situations which at the start may have seemed really daunting, but by the time you reach these situations they will be less intimidating.  The ferocious animal you once feared will start to seem less fearsome.  With the other steps and tools in my program you will have everything you need to stand tall, and walk with an utter belief that you are free gain.  

Why confidence and phobia are interlinked

People who have panic and phobic reactions have naturally had their confidence sapped away from them.  All mental strength and determination has usually been eroded away and you can often find yourself in a position least equipped to recover.  The scenario is kind of a ‘catch22’ situation because in order to overcome your fears you will have to face them, but you will need a little courage to do this.   Once you realize there is nothing to fear your body will naturally start to calm down.  However at the start you will not feel like this, until your mental and physical state adjusts to your new way of thinking. 

You only get confidence by taking action and doing something.  That’s why we can only stay in a classroom for so long before we have to do the thing we have been taught, and hopefully do it in the correct way.  If we do make a mistake or have a bad day look at it from a positive point of view - as a learning experience. 

The truth of the matter is we have to be brave and put ourselves back in ‘normal situations’ which we have built up into our minds to be huge insurmountable mountains.  Clearly building up your self-confidence is all part of recovery.

Anyway why not try out my 'Pay What You Want' Online course to overcome panic attacks & Anxiety - you have nothing to lose.



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